About Lauren

"The first business of a story is to be a good story." C.S. Lewis

When I was growing up, I never could find enough books to read. After I finished what our public library’s well-stocked children’s section had to offer, I rummaged through boxes of books collected by my family: everything from The Mad Scientists Club to The Odyssey. People tell me that they remember me buried in a book wherever I went. I loved books!

I was particularly drawn in by history. We lived in many parts of the United States over the years (I’ve visited nearly all 50 states – Alaska and Rhode Island, I’d love to say hello!). I was able to see lots of famous places, which made me curious. Who walked on this street 100 years ago? Was the street even here? This set me up to love research as a hunt for stories of the past.

As a grown-up, I taught 5th grade for a few years and then homeschooled my own children. Teachers learn a lot, too, so I found out about many events in history I never knew happened. Then I became a reporter and learned to listen, research facts and tell other people’s stories for them. This experience led me to write The Plum Neighbor

I still love researching and reading about history. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband, two sons and daughter, in a house with lots of odd angles built over 100 years ago. We also have a corgi-mix named Millie, who is a good dog most of the time. She usually gets along with our orange cat, Hobbes.

(Photo of me and Mr. Higashi with his Congressional Gold Medal of Honor.)



The Plum Neighbor

Easy-to-Read Science Plays: Human Body, published by Scholastic

A Place for Harvest

Where I’m published:

Rapid City Journal Newspaper

-Black Hills Pioneer Newspaper

-Down Country Roads Magazine

-Black Hills Living Well Magazine

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